1. today we made vegan burgers from scratch and then dean learnt how to hand poke. we still haven’t gotten over seeing perfectpussyband last week.



  2. thesmigiel said: This isn't even a question, you guys just have some seriously kick ass stuff!

    We were stoked to read this because you’re our first message and then we realised you’re Seinfeld comics guy and now we’re freaking out. Seinfeld is one of our favourite things! Your work is amazing! Let’s be friends!


  3. We saw Perfect Pussy three times this week. Each show was a unique, but ultimately life-affirming experience. They create something raw, honest, intense and beautiful that makes you feel like you’re discovering music for the very first time. They’re everything a band should be, and what too many bands aren’t. I’m glad people like this existthey make the world a better place.

    S/O to our amazing friends in Joanna Gruesome.

    Photo borrowed from meredithxgraves.

    Meredith is the queen of our world.


  4. We’re going to Sweden! Catch us here and here.


  5. The super lovely honeypotzine published our hit comic alongside loads of other cool stuff. 

    Each issue is infused with magic gold thread, so you’d better buy one.


  6. Made this for Max Warren.

    Pick up a pretty cassette here.


  7. Thanks to youhavelostit for making our work look better than it is.

    Photos taken by drunk Jenny.


  8. Made a poster for Emma.

    Go! sdgrlsclb forever!


  9. Made a little somethin’ for this.


  10. For Dave.

    "I could watch it on loop until I was just a skeleton at the computer."

    Gemma-Lilly Millership (2014)