1. For Dave.

    "I could watch it on loop until I was just a skeleton at the computer."

    Gemma-Lilly Millership (2014)


  2. Teaser for a rad project we’re working on with Dave Gruesome.

    Also doing doodles for Sick of Hits Vol​. ​2!

    S/O to Alanna’s face.


  3. work in progress.

    picking up my slack and being told my favourite husker du record is too shouty. try this one on for size.



  4. colour filled sketchbook page sans the bad parts. will we ever be as successful as that time we drew nai harvest?

    not sure where this is going but flowers forever remember?



  5. Nai fan art.

    Ben & Lew by Saam.

    Flowers by Dean.

    Listen to:


  6. Dedicated to Ayesha.

    Honey Pot #1 coming soon.

    Listen to:


  7. listening to museum mouth and nice try and playing around with colour again and i drew lew and ben from nai harvest and maybe i’ll post that too and flowers forever.

    flowers forever.



  8. Our goal was to create the prettiest vinyl ever, and I think we succeeded.

    S/O to Lew for the amazing insert, and 1,000,000 thanks to Darren for making it happen.

    Buy everything here.


  9. My dad reaching for a copy of The Gutter #2 in Gosh! Comics.


  10. Pages from the latest issue of The Gutter – featuring friends, enemies, and various other talented people.

    Pick up a copy here.


  11. My Pity Sex tee is now available to buy online!


  12. Our bro Kieran drew us way better than we ever could.

    Follow/support/love him here.


  13. We’re gonna get so sweaty.

    Click on the image for more info.

    Only suckers say maybe.


  14. Meet Dexter.


  15. this is such an underrated record.
    kinda tired/sad/burnt out and stalking molly soda.

    i think adam is finally getting there (right).